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Pack Athletic Club is a brand new CrossFit & boutique gym that has opened in Deer Park as of July 2023! Our mission is to empower or community, and with that we are offering all Outlet employees $35 off an Unlimited Membership. To lock in your discount, simply fill out the form below to get started!

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Understanding the Science behind CrossFit

CrossFit combines strength training, cardio, and everyday movements into a single, effective workout. It’s designed to mirror real-life activities, making everything from lifting to climbing stairs easier. And the best part? Anyone can do it, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

But CrossFit is more than just a workout. It’s a community. As you dive into its routines, you’ll find a supportive group cheering you on. In CrossFit, it’s science and teamwork that powers your fitness journey.

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What to Expect from our CrossFit Classes?

Constantly Varied, Never Random

Our CrossFit program is precision-designed for the best fitness outcomes. Every exercise and strategy underscores our dedication to providing tailored workouts that cater to individual fitness aspirations.

Functional Movement

Functional movements are vital to our CrossFit program, emphasizing real-life actions for better fitness today and lasting agility for the future. Through these practices, we boost daily performance and promote enduring health as you age.

High Intensity

In CrossFit, “high intensity” is tailored to fit everyone’s fitness level. Our workouts push you just right, ensuring suitable challenges and best results. Dive into our CrossFit program that adapts to your potential.

Our CrossFit Programs

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Pack 60 CrossFit

Pack 60 CrossFit offers a transformative fitness experience with constantly varied workouts, functional movements, and scalable intensity. Designed for all fitness levels, this program focuses on maximizing results and long-term health benefits. Elevate your fitness journey and unlock your potential with Pack 60 CrossFit.

Supplemental Program for Advanced Athletes

Pack 90

Take your fitness up a notch with Pack 90, our elite complimentary add-on for advanced athletes to our signature Pack 60 class. Dive into intense workouts and advanced techniques tailored to push limits and unlock your ultimate athletic prowess.


In addition to our CrossFit programs, we offer Low Impact classes, kids classes, supplemental training, personal training & team athletic clinics. 

How our Classes are Structured

Class Warm-Up

Every class starts with a group warm up. Our warmups are structured around our Part A & B workouts to ensure the muscles you’re using later are primed and ready to go. 

Mobility Work

Mobility is often left behind in CrossFit. Our mobility work involves a lot of amazing stretches that help length and stretch our muscles. Not only does this help with performance, but it helps with recovery!

The WOD: Part A & B

Typically our daily WOD (Workout of the Day) is structured into 2 parts. A weightlifting piece and a Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning). All of our Wods are located in the Pack App every night at 5PM for the following day!

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Frequently AskedQuestions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness training program that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise.

Is CrossFit suitable for beginners?

Yes, CrossFit is scalable to any fitness level. Our certified trainers help you modify workouts to match your skill and comfort.

I’m not in great shape. Will CrossFit be too hard for me?

CrossFit is designed to be challenging but is adaptable for people at any fitness level. Your journey is about your progress, not competing with anyone else.

I’ve heard CrossFit is injury-prone, is that true?

When performed correctly under the guidance of our certified trainers, CrossFit is safe. We focus on proper form and gradual progression to minimize the risk of injury.

What should I wear to a CrossFit class?

Comfortable athletic wear and supportive sneakers are generally recommended.

How often should I do CrossFit to see results?

The frequency can vary based on your goals, but many people aim for 3-5 sessions a week.

Is CrossFit only for young people?

No, CrossFit is for people of all ages. Our community has diverse members ranging from teens to seniors.

Do I need special equipment?

No, all necessary equipment is provided at our CrossFit gym.

Is CrossFit expensive?

While prices can vary, we offer various membership packages to fit different budgets. Remember, you’re investing in your health and well-being.


PAC combines high intensity interval training with a dash
of old-school CrossFit charm. Experience the way CrossFit should be with never random, always varied programming & dedicated coaches to support you through every movement.

Deer Park, Long Island

850 Grand Blvd
Deer Park, NY 11729



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